VARIAL: not only a machine to press cushions, but the only machine to cover cushions of any shape and material without any adjustment.

  • Planned with ergonomic criterion (adaptation of machine to the man), it offers the best working conditions to the operator. For example, the machine works vertically as in this way it is easy to check the cushion during the filling cycle and to arrange the corners while the foam is held.
  • The automatic VARIAL machine is intended to fill continuously without any adjustment, cushions of any dimensions and of different materials such as: polyether foam, polyurethane foam, latex foam, rubber foam, wool, kapok, down, etc,.
  • The machine takes about 6 seconds to make the filling cycle (this time does not include time for arrangement and closure of the cover).
  • When the cushion is in the filling position, it can be stopped or gradually moved upward , so that it is easy to well arrange the cover over the cushion, if it is necessary.
  • The minimum opening of the cushion cover is 30 cm (12") (proportionned to the cushion dimension and hardness).
  • The start control is a two-hand operation to comply with EEC safety regulations.
  • At the end of filling cycle, the machine automatically returns to the start position.
  • Cushions can also be uncovered without any effort.
  • VARIAL machine is simple to use so that no particular skills is required.
  • VARIAL machine is solid built and totally reliable.
  • The running is electric and pneumatic.
  • VARIAL machine is equipped with a central self-lubricating device.




VARIAL machine can be supplied with an automatic device controlled by a fibre optic. This device makes automatically the operations 1 and 2 shown in the photos, allowing the operator to be less concentrated on the same repeated operations, and therefore more efficient.





The new safety regulations require the start control to be a two hand simultaneous operation avoiding any contact with the pressing bars as they close. An alternative to this method is a barrier by electronic rays which allows a foot treadle operation giving the operator more freedom of movement. ·

This operation is carried out as follows: press foot treadle and step away (this allows the rays to take over and stop the machine if the operator or any unauthorised person approach the closing bars).

During this time the operator collects the cushion cover and it is ready for the next operation of the filling cycle.


Additional Info

  • Minimum size of cushion: cm 30 x 30 x 8 (12" x 12" x 3")
  • Maximum size of cushion: cm 120 x 90 x 25/27 (47" x 35" x 10/11")
  • Air pressure: 6 bar/ 0,6 Mpa / 100 PSI
  • Height of work-table: cm 88 (35")
  • Absorbed power: 2 KW
  • Min. cover opening: cm 30 (12")
  • Quantity of compressed air for each cycle: 120 Normal litri
  • Gross weigth: Kg 1090 (2390 Lbs)
  • Packing dimension: cm 238 x 133 x 161h (94" x 52" x 63"h)
  • Net weigth: Kg 860 (1900 Lbs)