RS Matic history and developments

RS Matic was born at the end of 60s in the hinterland of Milan from its founder's intuitions about what would have happened in the upholstered furniture world in the future years. In those years, Milan and its hinterland were setting as the capital of furniture and design made in Italy in the international setting.              

In the following years, Furniture production changed from handcrafted to industrial, and that meant an increase of production speed without sacrificing handcraft quality. New born industries had to face two main needs, apparently in contrast: productivity and quality.           

RS Matic has started to study production processes, to observe workers doing their job, their repetitive and mechanical movement, to analyse products and physical components of different materials: fabrics, stuffing, closing stitches and so on. All that has led to the design of machine that, first of all, protects man from unnecessary fatigue and repetitive movements, and secondly RS Matic's machines enable to repeat, quickly and safely, construction, packaging and stuffing action.      

Revolution is clear, what was done by six people in a day, is now made by one person in less than a day.      

Today, after many years, technologies and materials have evolved, our machines have become increasingly efficient, safe and lasting, but the needs of our customers have not changed. We are sure that in these 50 years, we have contributed to the profitability of many companies, and what mostly encouraged us by a human point of view, is that we are also sure to have given lighter and smarter workdays to many people.    

"A man must not do what a machine can do in his place"