Cushion covering machine

The automatic CASUAL machine is designed to cover cushions of different sizes, and materials such as: foam polyether, foam polyurethane, foam latex and foam rubber, offcuts, flock, capok,
down, etc. without any adjustment.
The time taken to caver a cushion is around 15-20 seconds. They can be in various materials.
The smallest size of cushion cover opening is 300 mm., whatever materia1 used; elath, leather, imitation leather, etc. Due to the simplicity of the machine, no particu1ar skill is required to operate it.
Being solidly and simply constructed the CASUAL machine answers ali upholstery manufacturers requirem ents.
It is electro-pneumatically powered.
The moving parts are automatically lubricated.

Informazioni aggiuntive

  • Misura min cuscini: mm 300 x 300 x 80
  • Misura max cuscini: mm 950 x 900 x 250
  • Pressione aria: 6 ATM/Bar - 90 PSI
  • Potenza assorbita: 1.1 Kw
  • Altezza piano di lavoro: mm 850
  • Dimensioni della macchina: mm 1560 x 800 x 1180 h
  • Apertura min delle fodere: mm 300
  • Consumo aria compressa per ciclo: 85 NL
  • Dimensioni imballo: mm 1640 x 800 x 1380 h
  • Peso lordo: Kg 840
  • Peso netto: Kg 700
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