Simple to use for covering buttons in any material (cloth , leather, synthetic leather, etc.)

The dies for covering buttons in different sizes are interchangeable with extreme ease.

The covered button is automatically.

The closing pressure on the button and the rotation speed are adjustable.

Optimum production from 700 to 1200 buttons/ hour.

The running is pneumatic, the lubrication of the moving parts is automatic.

Against request, the machine can be supplied with a hopper for button tops


Additional Info

  • Operation air pressure: 6 BAR – 90 PSI
  • Quantità of compressed air: 4 normal lt ogni bottone
  • Machine dimensions: cm. 90 x 60 x 140
  • Packing dimension: cm. 98 x 68 x 160 h
  • Gross weigth: Kg. 170 - 375 Lbs
  • Net weigth: Kg. 105 - 230 Lbs


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