Flash 2015

Always focused on their customer's needs and changing production methods in the upholstery and mattress manufacturing industry,RS Matic has designed the new FLASH-2015 machine.

  • This machine is suitable for filling cushions and mattresses of polyurethane foam and polyurethane foam covered with fibre, either with plain covers or covers lined with feather.
  • Flash-2015 is a machine designed to fill regular and shaped cushions and mattresses from 5-15cm thick. It is the most technological machine on the market today for filling this type of cushion and mattress.
  • FLASH-2015 is equipped with a unique transport system exclusive to RSmatic, which allows the gradual reduction of the cushion/mattress thus avoiding folds and creases and allowing a smooth filling operation without the need for costly manual intervention.
  • The 90 cm. transport bars allow the cover to be fitted over easily on the bars.
  • The transport bars are adjustable both horizontally (to suit the cushion/mattress width and cover opening) and vertically (to suit the cushion/mattress thickness).
  • The FLASH-2015 system fills the cushion/mattress with extreme speed.
  • FLASH-2015 is equipped with safety devices which are in accordance with the European Directive and are easily operated in the event of an emergency.
  • FLASH-2015 is supplied with a standard rear roller to allow the filling of cushions/mattresses of both small and large dimensions.
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