Technical Design

Everything begins with the observation of the working process of a company, from analysing the products, the behaviour of materials, workers movements. We suppose a machine that can replicate those movements, in a safer and faster way. We study in particular the materials, which for the most part are soft and flexible, so the force applied must be measured, the mechanical components which apply pressure, must be a reproduction in roundness and surface of a human limb.
The RS Matic began working on a prototype, after the physical test, pass to the design of the automation of the machine and human commands. In this phase we give great consideration to people, both to safeness than to repetitiveness of movements. These should be as easy as possible. Each action button, pedal, push-button which completes the cycle of the machine must have precise sequences, intuitive and secure.
We do not have fear to support that often the control cycles are more mechanical-electric that only electronic. Our goal is to keep up with man and with productivity and quality, and not to keep up electronics!

Technical Production

Our machines have two big advantages, the first is the experience on the field. They are the result of years of improvements and perspicacity in design. The second advantage is that they are not mass- produced! Each design involves the supply and production of specific and ad hoc components. Then assembly, installation and connection are made by a competent person, who has known these machines for years in all its developments.


RS Matic, completed the design of a machine, immediately reflects on the potential developments and improvements. If you can do make any improvements on the latest machines, we inform our customer about that possibility. Otherwise you can be sure that we are already studying or putting into production the next machine.