Super Varial (cushion dimensions: min 30x30x8 cm - max 190x90x25/30 cm)


  • SUPER VARIAL cushion filling machine is intended to fill cushions of any dimension from a minimum of cm. 30 x 30 x 8 (12"x12"x3") to a maximum of cm. 190x90x25/30 (75" x 35" x 10/12") that means one cushion for 3 seats. It is the only machine able to pass, simply moving a little handle, from the smallest cushion to the biggest one.
  • SUPER VARIAL machine fills cushions of any shape and of different material such as: polyether foam, polyurethane foam, latex foam, rubber foam, wool, capok, down, even spring cushions, passing from a cushion to a different one without any adjustment.
  • Also “T” cushion is filled very easily.
  • The time necessary to fill a cushion is 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Planned with ergonomic criterions (adaptation of machine to the man), it offers the best working conditions to the  operator. For example, the machine works vertically as in this way it is easy to check the cushions during the filling cycle and to arrange the corners while the foam is held.
  • A special attention was paid to the PREVENTION OF WORK ACCIDENTS: an immaterial barrier by rays stops the machine in case the operator or anything else go into its range during the machine movement. Another safety device stops the machine in the case the operators hands or anything else enter between pressing bars during their movement.
  • It is very simple to use and comfortable: thanks to its automations, the operator is not forced to pay continuously attention to the same repeated operations, so he will be less tired during the day and therefore more efficient. For example, a device with photoelectronic cell sends automatically the cushion to the right position for putting the cover on; another device automatically reset the machine at the end of filling cycle.
  • The cushion can be uncovered, too.
  • The running is electric and pneumatic; lubrication by central self-lubricating device.



When deciding on the manufacture of a new suite you will face many important problems requiring a solution. For instance the form of a seat cushion or a back cushion. This problem is often the cause of a clash between the designer, who does not want his design to get spoilt, and the production manager, whose only aim is cost reduction, sacrificing, if necessary, the particular shape of the cushion.

RS MATIC long experience in the field of upholstered furniture production allows the design and planning to produce machines able to set both the most inflexible production manager and the most exacting designer in full agreement.

Since 1973 his policy is based on continuous research and experiment so that it can always offer technical improvements to the customer, which can satisfy different requirements.

"SUPER VARIAL" cushion filling machine contains all the experience ripened until now in the field of cushion filling, and it represents the pick of all RS MATIC production.