HASHI is a cushion filling machine that answers to the requirements of efficiency with low cost. It is simple to use and can fill any size, shape and material (polyurethane and latex foam, wool waste, kapok and down up to a maximum hardness of 25/30 kg per m³).

Simply by moving a small handle, Hashi can cover cushions of any size, from a minimum of 40x40x8 cm to a maximum of 250x80x25 cm.

Hashi is equipped with 3 sets of pressing bars covered with sheaths made in a special fibre which allows the bars to disappear inside the machine without any friction on the cushion. The cushion is set free to be easily taken away from the machine.

To be kept in line with EU standards on safety at work, HASHI machine is endowed with a device that allows the two-hands push-buttons control required by low. The running is pneumatic with automatic lubrication of moving parts.

Small in dimensions and triangular in shape, allows HASHI machine to be placed in a corner.